Beeminder "Advent Calendar" - December 2022

This December, from the 1st to the 24th, I’ll be making one forum post each day featuring something nifty related to Beeminder - an advent calendar of ideas that you might like to try.

Each post may be about a lesser-known feature, or an interesting suggestion for a goal, or one of my favourite Beeminder blog posts, or a third-party tool, etc etc! If you’re a power user you may find much of it familiar, but I’m hoping that there’ll be at least one or two posts of interest to everyone.

After I’ve made each post, I’ll add a link to it below, so you can track all the days here if you wish to.

I have quite a few ideas already, but not yet enough for the full 24 days, so if you have a suggestion for something you think may be suitable, send me a private message. Don’t post it publicly here, because I want each advent post to be a surprise. :slight_smile: I don’t promise to include all the suggestions because I may run out of days, but if there’s any left over after the 24th, I might make some bonus posts after Christmas, or add comments below. You will be credited for your ideas of course!

The Posts

:snowflake: The End! :snowflake:


I’m so excited about this! Thank you, @alys! I have soooo many suggestions.


I am very excited too! Looking forward to today’s post


I greatly enjoyed this advent calendar, and beeminding reading it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Very best this holiday season.