Simple CLI tool for starting and stopping timers

Hey, I had a look through most of the projects on github, and none of them were quite what I was looking for. So I made another one!

It allows you to do this:

beetimer start <goal_name>

and then later

beetimer stop <goal_name>

and it will upload a number of points for that goal. (I just committed to doing 60 minutes of leetcode per day and this seemed to be the easiest way to track it :slight_smile: ).

Link: GitHub - FergusFettes/beetimer

I also checked out Zapier and IFTTT but they didn’t seem to be the right thing for this intergration.

If anyone things this is cool and useful, let me know and I’ll actually write some tests for it and make it a bit more robust :).

I used Pyminder for the API connection: GitHub - narthur/pyminder: Beeminder library for Python

It seemed to be the best python client that already existed.


Other things I looked at but decided weren’t right: