Simple script beeminding total points from Memrise

If there is somebody here using Memrise, who also knows how to run a Ruby script, here is a simple tool that pushes your cummulative number of points from Memrise as a new datapoint to your Beeminder goal.

It is a dumb tool, but it keeps me away from the pain of adding the datapoints manually. It uses a web-crawler to obtain the score from Memrise, so it might stop working, when something on the Memrise page changes. Nothing is granted.

Just if you are interested, check it out:

It is just a one sleepy morning worth of work. Just a simple tool to share, not a serious project.


I added a Duolingo support. I know that Beeminder has its own, but it doesn’t suit me well. Here is why:

Duolingo has a feature called “Coach” that keeps track of your daily points. But it counts all the points from every language you are learning. On the other hand Beeminder’s native integration watches only one language per goal. Since I wanted to use Duolingo’s Coach as well as Beeminder, I decided to push the data my way instead of leaving it to Beeminder’s automation.


Might be an easy #UVI to add support for ‘all languages’. We do something similar for RunKeeper activity types.


This is pretty awesome, thank you! I was just going to use Memrise and I am pretty familiar with ruby, so this will work well.

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I am using memrise premium version, I want to link it to beminder, The instruction looks like it only work in Linux environment.Anyone here managed to make it work in Windows?

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I haven’t touched the script for a while, so I am not sure whether it actually still works. Maybe something in the app changed, who knows. I am currently not planning to maintain it, but if somebody wants to, go ahead!

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