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Some long standing bugs I would like to see resolved

First of all, Beeminder is a productivity tool, not a personal coach service. Putting the blame on Beeminder for the lack of progress with one’s goals would be like blaming Microsoft Word.
That said, having been in the position of delaying personal (including a Masters degree) and professional goals for (literally) years, it always comes down to figuring out why you’re into this situation and what your goal really is about.

Hm, that is not at all what I meant with that. I mean service as in “willpower as a service”. Which coincidentally is one of Beeminder’s claims. Service as in “tertiary sector” kind of service in terms of economics. (In contrast to the primary sector agriculture and the secondary sector material processing for those unfamiliar with the terminology.)

I never put the blame on Beeminder. Ever. That would be stupid (in my case).
I merely observe that I invested a lot into this service with the intention of getting my master’s project (think of it as I slightly smaller Bachelor thesis) done within a few weeks.
And that failed horribly.

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Well, discussing Beeminder bugs isn’t going to write your project for you. :slight_smile:


Huh. How did you approach beeminding the project? What goals did you create towards that specific outcome?


I think sometimes people overestimate the size of the support team, and perhaps the amount of support that Bee does, so just to contextualise this a bit for you, currently two people routinely work on support – that’s me and Jon, with Mary as backup – and Bee is only called in for bugs/technical quirks I do not understand. Everything passes through me or Jon (or Mary as our backup) first.

That’s it. That’s the domain I as support czar rule over. Behold my mighty empire of maybe three people on a bad day when everything’s gone wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: No valuable dollars or dev hours are being appropriated for support unnecessarily!


Thanks! Andy has seen this and is digging around a bit for it. We’re not getting a lot of reports on it, but we’re looking for it! (Bear in mind that by being on the beta, you’re much more likely to come across early-adopter bugs as we’re testing out fixes and changes!)


Your reply was quite inspirational, thanks for this. I may indirectly have covered some of the points you brought up in the continuation of this thread: How not to beemind a thesis, a post mortem

I’m afraid it’s not a 100% reply to what you wrote but it’s long enough as it is already.