Suggestions for additions to the Complice integration?

As you may or may not know, I run a productivity app Complice that is designed for tracking more of the qualitative side of goals, goals with different tasks each day, and things that you don’t want to commit to as intensely as with Beeminder. More details on how the two apps play nicely together in the blog post Hard Commitments & Soft Commitments: Beeminder :heart: Complice.

There’s a Complice & Beeminder integration (currently unofficial, but soon to become official; go to the Complice settings to access it) which currently lets you automatically beemind the following:

  • using Complice at all
  • how many tasks you intend or complete in Complice
  • pomodoros! (including per-goal)
  • starred tasks
  • strategic reviews

I’m wondering what else people would like to beemind! This question is particularly aimed towards those who’ve already used Complice a bit, but feel free to chime in even if you don’t but you think you have a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll put ideas I have in their own separate comments so you can :heart: them to vote for them.


Idea #1: ability to beemind boolean intentions matching a string or regex, eg. if you had /meditat/ then

2) meditate

would, if completed, send a 1 to a particular goal.

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Idea #2: ability to beemind numbers from intentions matching a string or regex, eg. if you had /meditat/ then

2) meditate 10 mins

would, if completed, send a 10 to a particular goal.


Idea #3: ability to beemind showing up in a particular Complice Co-working room N days/week. Probably the Beeminder room :bee:


Yay Complice! I encourage all Beeminder users to try it. (Also I’m hanging out in the Beeminder room on Complice right now.)

For ideas 1 & 2 I feel like it should be something more structured. Maybe something like the way we do IFTTT macros so there’s no ambiguity about when you’re triggering a Beeminder update. Or even more structure where there’s an actual numeric field or something, but that’s more work to implement and adds complexity to Complice.

Thanks, @malcom!

How about beeminding complice dailies? Could be solved by implementing your ideas #1&2.

This would save me a lot of double work (completing complice dailies and then checking them off again in beeminder). Although maybe I’m just missing a existent way to solve this problem. Open to suggestions.

Hi! Hardcore beeminder and Complice user here.


A) Ability to beemind tasks without having to star items. (The same rules applied, without having to “star” an item, on a specific complice goal).

B) Aso, I would suggest allowing users to define what will the additional text in comments sent to beeminder will be in all integrations, or at least the starred outcomes integration.

I also wanted to share how Complice is a great substitute to IDoneThis (even better). If you beemind complice goals, you actually have a commitment device and you can inform users using the beeminder ifft integration as follows:

using complice’s beeminder integration to send a comment of data points into beeminder, so I can extract the comment using iftt and then sending it to whichever app I desire. Currently, when I use complice’s integration to beemind starred actions, It sends a datapoint to beeminder with the name of the action. From here I can take it to ifft and do whatever I want with it. Currently sending datapoint to gmail and then using, formating it and then sending it to hipchat. :smiley:

Also, I like the idea @dtedesco1 mentions, about beeminding dailies.


I currently Beemind whether I completed all of my Complice intentions for that day or not. This could be generalized as a ratio between # of completed intentions and # of total intentions.


Yes, that’s another great idea: to beemind % of completed intentions. ¿daily? ¿on average?

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With an aggregation method of truemean, sending ones and zeroes for each intention would aggregate as the ratio.

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For people like @asmallbee and @smokenflames, would you want it to use the number of intentions implied by the outcomes (ie the number of items there that don’t have a + in front) or by the original number of intentions or whatever. In theory these are the same but there are lots of ways they can end up being different in the data. I can see pros/cons to each.

Could you please elaborate on pros and cons? I don’t seem to understand the
true implications of such a decision

The main idea es being mindful about intentions and not just inputting whatever. The idea is to just input what I will actually want to accomplish

ooph sorry about getting back to you so late. I just go by the number of intentions implied (number of items that don’t have a + in front).

Haha no worries! I mean, I’m also very behind on this thread etc. I’ve had a lot on the go recently. I’ll be doing a hackday sometime soon, at which point I’ll potentially add the this % thing.

I’ve got a Beeminder goal for time spent writing and I also have a Complice goal for writing. I’d really like to be able to use minutes as the unit for logging a completed Pomodoro in Beeminder instead just count of completed Pomodoros.

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Ahh, so still tracking as pomodoros, but then it gets multiplied by 25 when it gets sent to beeminder? Hmm, I’m not sure how I would do that, but I see the value and I’ll think about how to implement it.

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Could folks use this tool to do conversions like that?

No conversions required, if you’re willing to have two Beeminder goals, one for pomodoros and one for minutes. Set an IFTTT recipe to add 25 to the ‘minutes’ goal whenever there’s a datapoint in the ‘pomodoros’ goal.

Obviously that doesn’t work if it’s possible to add more than one pomodoro per day, and probably does Inappropriate Things™ after a pomodoro derailment. (So don’t do that.)

But you can use our IFTTT PROD macro to do this, adding PROD[25,{{DatapointValue}}] to the minutes goal.

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Percentage outcomes complete is here! @asmallbee, @smokenflames: Let me know if it works the way you hoped! Oh, and showing up to rooms shipped a couple of weeks ago.

Much more excitingly (in my opinion, anyway) this beeminder dashboard embedded on your today page has launched as well! I had a couple people testing it before, but now anyone can enable it in their beeminder integration settings (at the bottom).