How do you integrate Beeminder into your Productivity System?

  • How do you integrate Beeminder / Beemergencies into your daily productivity system?
  • Do they go into your daily tasks?
  • Do you prioritzie your Beeminder goals over other tasks?

For me, Beemergencies get in the way of my day sometimes and don’t know how or when to tackle them when my day is busy.

Any perspectives are appreciated.


I personally love using and Beeminder together. Complice has a very deep Beeminder integration and focuses on daily tasks. Further you can add stakes to tasks.

The Complice and Beeminder combination really helped me with overload because I was able to transfer a lot of important but not essential goals to Complice and leave my most important goals in Beeminder or really any goals I actually need data on (e.g. weight loss).


Every morning, I add tasks for my Beemergencies to my to-do list and prioritize them with my other work. I had recurring tasks for this stuff before Beeminder, too, but I was not as good at doing them until there was money attached. :slight_smile:

I hope one day to have enough free time to add tasks for goals that aren’t in the red yet too. :sweat_smile:

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I use prioritization software that presents items on my to-do list two at a time for me to answer, “Which of these am I more likely to stay up late to do?” It’s an idiosyncratic way to work, so I didn’t bring it up at first, but when I reread this part of your post, it seemed more relevant.

If you’re in a constant fire-fighting mode like I am with lots of random work coming in throughout the day, I think ordering work based on the answer to that question might help you as well. I don’t use it for deep work, though. I block off time on my calendar for that.

If the software itself might help, I have an open source web version here, and a paid iOS version here.


Oh my goodness I LOVE that! May I mention it outside this forum, or do you prefer to keep it kind of small and semi-private?


Sharing’s fine, thanks for asking. :slight_smile: