Suggestions for additions to the Complice integration?

Also, here’s a sneak preview of a nearly-fully-general system for beeminding complice intentions. You can specify a particular goal (or not) and match only certain strings/regexes (or not) or only starred tasks, and then from this you get to choose if you’re counting completions or pomodoros (and I think maybe I’ll throw the “minutes” thing in here, and it’ll do a mix of converting pomos and adding things like “10 minutes”)

I haven’t done any work on the backend for this though, so it’ll probably be awhile before it ships.


Thank you so much. This is why I’m a happy paying complice customer and I recommend it each time I can.

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I posted an exciting update to this here: Use Complice to Beemind Arbitrary Tasks

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This one shows goals that are below the fold - I have one with “bad” stats (like derailed), but I’m not interested in that in this listing.

Ahh good call. I’ll add a setting for that soon.

I know a lot of people have mentioned IFTTT and Zapier, but I’ll add my two cents. I think that your time and effort would be better served my making IFTTT and/or Zapier integrations. This would allow you to integrate with Beeminder and a multitude of other apps! For example, I just learned about an app called Qapital. I would like to set up some integration where a certain amount of money is deposited towards a winter Hawaii work-cation. If I complete my pomodoro goal, $10 is deposited towards my February Hawaii trip (I live in Portland, so getting out of the rain and clouds is highly motivating.)

FYI: I’ve investigated IFTTT integrations in the past. It’s almost exactly the same as the RSS feed integration. And under the hood it’s using an RSS feed (with 15min precision) for the actual event delivery.

Adding some interesting RSS feeds would be enough for us crazy beta testery folks to play with it before you go try to convince IFTTT that they shouldn’t charge you tons for the integration.

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Hmm. If you make an example RSS feed of the kind of data you’d like to see, I could probably generate it. I would try to bounce off the task if I just approached it naively though, since I don’t know what sort of thing people would want.

I’m keen to make a Zapier integration soon though, as I feel like I have a better sense of how that would work (much like the beeminder integration, just more general).