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Take the Beeminder founders' money


Soo… there’s some ambiguity here. We finished with 15 minutes to spare – Danny, Chelsea, and me were all working on it. But then I got distracted and completely failed to update the goal until I noticed the legit check.

The fine print above doesn’t explicitly say whether we get to follow the same rules as regular users, only specifies whether using the refresh loophole is in fact allowed. In the case of UVIs we made it explicit that the commitment is to actually tweet the tweet. There’s no leniency for having deployed a UVI but not tweeting it, but forgetting to enter the datapoint on Beeminder is still forgivable.

So, the inbox was zeroed, but we forgot to update before the goal derailed. I’d say “Not legit!”



It’s old, but docsminder derailed twice.

[[confirmed! another $15 paid to @nevan!]]


Did Support Zero derail?

[[confirmed! another $90 paid to @nevan!]]


Support Zero again, provisional as it usually is.

[[confirmed! $90 paid to nevan; and all paid up to this point]]


Time for a new MIT. Paypal is live.

New one is working on the road editor with Uluc. The MVP is just making the app at a thing that users can sign into and use to edit their actual live beeminder roads.


It appears that d/meta has derailed.

[[not legit; got my last TagTime ping of the day while afk and forgot to force-sync]]


Support Zero is off


Sorry, squeaked by today! Finished early and got distracted entering data :slight_smile:


What’s your setup to checking on the founders beeminders? (or a hint :slight_smile: )




Moral rectitude. :slight_smile:

Also, they live together. Would you want to introduce “honey, did you really clear the support inbox today” into a relationship? :scream_cat:

Seriously, these are the people who invented Beeminder to fit their idiosyncratic psychology, some of which features we all happily share in. Check out things like the type bee personality and autonomy in marriage

We all know that Beeminder breaks as a tool if we start down the slippery slope of even admitting to the possibility of lying to the graph.

If you’re ever even tempted to cheat, dial back the road to something that doesn’t trigger that reaction. q.v. weasely weasels

[edit: LOL. I immediately thought (and responded to) quis custodiet ipsos custodes rather than the mechanical how-to-check question. Historically, our European friends had an edge on account of when the default deadline hit, but that’s been spread out somewhat by custom deadlines…]


Road editor went off

[[confirmed! $5 to @nevan]]


Road editor again

[[confirmed! $10 paid to @nevan]]


Did beemail derail?


I did send that beemail, something like 10 minutes early, and, ironically, due to sending it earlier than I usually do, I got distracted and failed to update the Beeminder graph in time! So, treating me as any other user, I’d get away with that (after replying to the legit check – which I did, like any other user!) and this wouldn’t be a legit derail.

Nice work keeping us on our toes!


Support Zero is off


Just misfired the datapoint. Support was done under the wire.


isn’t there a more smart way e.g. build a piece of code to monitor all the beeminders of the beeminder team and then automatically post something here if they derail?


The human aspect of monitoring is important, and has more value to us. (And is an argument for building better ‘supporters’ functionality.)

Automation would be easy, especially at our end. Could just randomly select a recently-active user every time we derail on something, and drop some cash in their PayPal. But what’s the fun in that?


Cool, I’m just getting used to all this automation stuff, so … nevermind :slight_smile: