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Yes. Todoist data was successfully restored and my todoist goal is
currently correct. B/meta is still in limbo, with approximately 30 hours of
data missing from my corrupted tagtime log. It looks like I may possibly be
able to piece it back together from various backups, but it might involve
writing a script to merge multiple tagtime log files… in the meantime, I
have some work on todoist to do so it may have to rest in limbo for tonight
(I’ve done well over the 4.8some hours that were due at the beginning of
the day on beeminder stuff today).


Mine is here but might need some futzing for your environment. Looks like I haven’t touched it for a couple of years, but it’s an active part of my TagTime use.


Infra is off

[[confirmed! $270 paid to @nevan]]


Looks like sptzero derailed today. Or maybe it just restarted?


These have both been appearing “off” with no updates for the better part of a week now (as caught by @nevan and discussed above) - are these still graphs we should be watching, or have they been abandoned?


sptzero did not derail – i accidentally let it hit the end date and restarted it, which left it with a little kink.

Nevan caught infra when it derailed on Dec 28th. I’ve been questioning the value of that goal, and so I’ve left it frozen for now. Needs re-evaluation.

b/meta got toasted by corrupted data at the data source (I track this with tagtime and my log somehow got holes in it), and I’ve been putting off fully fixing it, since it looked like it was gonna be huge pain, plus I was really terrified if the answer wound up being “nope, you just lost 400+ hours of data”. But I sucked it up this evening and pieced things back together from various backed up sources and things look like they’re going to be okay.


I just updated my Most Important Thing again. Putting Todoist to rest, since it is officially launched now. Next up is Paypal integration because we spent all last year saying “this year, we’ll do it this year”.


PayPal is off.

[[confirmed! $5 paid to @nevan – everything should be caught up before this point, i believe]]


sptzero is off. [Edit: Looks like it eked by!]


Eked by!


PayPal is off

[[confirmed! additional $10 paid to @nevan!]]


blog is off. Shower me with money!


So you had it scripted to autopost/autoenter the data at the last second? That’s a bit mean. You could have posted a bit earlier to not get my hopes up :frowning:


sptzero is off. Sprinkle me with a little bit of money (I’ll take, what I can get).


beemail is off.


@David, thanks for keeping an eye on us last night and today! Sorry to keep dashing your hopes. (We’re pretty notorious edge-skaters and this kind of diligence definitely sometimes pays off!) But blog, sptzero, and beemail all eked by.

We totally did schedule the blog post to publish at t minus 2 minutes. But not to tease you! I told @anomalily I’d do that so she could review it in the morning when she woke up while I was asleep. Very often we literally do come down to the last minute on publishing those. And we keep coming down to the literal last seconds on beemails and @bee’s support-zero goal.

Thanks again for watching the graphs! We’re absolutely playing by the same rules (generally stricter ones actually) and will absolutely pay up when there’s a legit derailment.

PS: It’s fine print item #4 (at the very top of this thread) that makes this annoying and we really want to close that loophole at some point!


It’s cool. I read #4, but I didn’t know how that played out in practice.


Was PayPal off again?

[[confirmed! another $30 paid to @nevan!]]


Support Zero is off

[[eked. actually we were done with this with 2 minutes to spare and then didn’t enter the datapoint right away but it eked by regardless]]


sptzero is off?