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Take the Beeminder founders' money


I’ve currently got two active MIT graphs, but I’m only supposed to have one at a time, that’s part of the point of them, so I’ve had support switching me back and forth between the two. There have been a few days where both of those MIT goals have come up red and while I was working on finishing up general mercy stuff, fogwall kept being the one getting delayed.


Ah, I understand. Thanks for the answer!


Announcement! We’ve been talking for a long time about how to improve the dogfood bounty rules to encourage more people to watch our goals, to spread the love around, etc etc. Of course if it’s too effective as a marketing tool for Beeminder then it blunts the sting for ourselves… I guess that’s solvable by just letting the amounts at risk get ridiculous though!

Anyway, we’ve gone in circles about what the best system should be and failed to change anything at all so let me just pick a couple small improvements and we can discuss publicly what else is worth changing. So, here they are (I’m also updating the fine print at the top of this thread):

  1. You can’t claim 2 dogfood bounties in a row.
  2. New high water marks (highest dollar amount a goal has derailed at) must be claimed by someone who hasn’t claimed a bounty in at least a year.


My golden goose!


Was the sptzero derail on 10/15 not claimed yet?

[[confirmed! $90 paid to @icole]]


Support Zero derailed again today

[[confirmed! $90 paid to @nevan]]


(I don’t know why I always want to apologize when I post here. You’d think after six+ years of beeminding I would have shaken that and gotten used to assuming it feels the same for you as for me. Let me try again. Gimme that money!)

[Edit: Well that would just be rubbing it in like a jerk! Where’s the happy medium?!
paying/repledging $90 on d/pocket: legitimacy check
Found it.]


Firstly, here’s a link for those of you, like me, who scrolled all the way to the top of this topic to see the list of Beeminder bounty goals

I scrolled there mostly because I couldn’t believe that d/pocket was such a goal, which it isn’t, but of course it does fall under @dreev’s invitation to cash in on his personal goals too.


I wasn’t sure which ones counted and which didn’t. Withdrawn! (Thanks for the new link to the dogfood goals. I used to have them set up somewhere a couple of years ago, but I’d since lost track of them.)


I see my parenthetical at the top of this thread is pretty ambiguous so I better clarify (or set me straight if I may’ve said anything contradictory elsewhere!): I’m amenable to having all my personal goals as part of the dogfood bounty but haven’t done that so far.


It isn’t on the list above but Fogwall is still a dogfood bounty AFAIK (with derails but not claimable by myself, alas).