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Meta went off

[[beaten by @Tarn!]]


Support Zero went off


Turns out we eked by on that one! Per fine print rule #4.


Roaded is off

[[confirmed! $90 paid to @nevan]]


Beemail is off


That was my mistake, not a legit derail. A beemail was sent today but I failed to update the graph because I’m inexperienced at beemail sending.


Ah, fair enough


infra is off?

[[confirmed! $270 paid to @aaronpk]]


Support Zero is off


This is a non-legit derail. I did the task on time and entered the data on the minute of the deadline (if you hold your mouse over the datapoint the title text tells you when it was entered), but I was rushing and didn’t notice that I entered the data for the 23rd, not the 22nd (the new day, rather than the old). I’ve corrected the date of the datapoint now, and emailed support to get the derail undone.


…Since I happened to be passing by, hey, support zero is off! Does it count if I say it?

[[confirmed! $90 paid to @shanaqui – see new fine print rule about workerbees claiming dogfood bounties]]


Just learning about this arrangement, and noticed that d/meta is in the red. Brand-new to Beeminder, so I’m not sure if that means it derailed and the goal is reset for today?


Cool. Welcome to the hive!

Just like with your own goals, you’ll see that there’s a countdown at the top of d/meta. Danny has until the end of the day to scramble back onto the road.

In this case, as I’m looking at it now, he’s got until 6am in his time zone (you may be able to see the watermark in the upper left quadrant of his graph) to do 6.75 hours of work on Beeminder.

If he hasn’t managed that in the next 20 hours, I think you should get first claim for having asked an honest and sensible question… not least because our onboarding emails ought to make the workings clearer!


it looks like bee’s goals (4, 6, and 10) are set to private? or maybe i can’t view them for some reason and i’m just a noob.

and are the 10 listed goals the only ones users are allowed to claim? meta/derev is derailled at the time of writing, for example, but isn’t listed.


Sorry all, I had my card blocked temporarily because I’d misplaced it, and a charge for one of my personal goals failed and so my account was flagged :flushed:. I’ve found the card and updated everything now.


Did roaded go off?


Negative, @bee broke her TagTime when testing and it caused a spurious derail! From her message to support:

Not legit! I had some timezone confusion with my tagtime because I was debugging some timezone related stuff and switched my computer’s timezone then foolishly left it shifted into the future and wandered off for dinner and then tagtime got real confused when I returned. Please cancel this derail, and put my weekend back in. I also had a break scheduled for next week sometime because we’re travelling to my grandma’s memorial service, (but I don’t remember exactly when I started the break) so anyhow, keep an eye out for that!


Timezones! Causing programmers headaches since 1970-01-01.


Infra is off

[[confirmed! $270 paid to @nevan]]


Is the graph for fogwall working? I often see it change from just about to derail to having lots of buffer but the line doesn’t go up.