Take the Beeminder founders' money

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Remrev has derailed again - $30


affirmative [sent from watch]

EDIT: This was officially paid. And, yes, I can reply to forum posts from my watch, bitches. (It’s a Pebble, if you’re curious.)

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d/goals/meta derailed! didI catch it in time?

Alas, I just had a TagTime malfunction. ): Reconstructing the data now. /: I have plenty of safety buffer from maniacking (as you should know!) (:

https://www.beeminder.com/b/goals/remrev has derailed @ $90

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$90 paid to @insti!

(And I see @fryhole noticed b/meta being apparently off the road briefly, which was probably when @bee changed her deadline and TagTime got all confused.)

Thanks for watching us like hawks, everyone! We need it…

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Remrev has gone weird.
I’m guessing that’s not a legitimate derail.

I thought you’d miss the blog post, but I’m guessing it’s was queued for an auto post. Nice work.

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That was @dreev pulling an all nighter[1], so legitimate white-knuckle up to the deadline.

[1] You’d think he’d learn his lesson and beemind it so he wouldn’t have to.


Did remrev just derail?

Edit: okay, cool, looks like it was a refresh glitch

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Looks like remrev derailed early today–I was watching it count down to 15:00, but I see RECOMMITTED in the data. Data-entry shenanigans (or something about Tag Time?)

Edit: @bee’s Metabeeminding’s derailed too.

Beeminding aside, I hope everything is okay overall.


uhoh looks like https://www.beeminder.com/b/goals/meta derailed!

https://www.beeminder.com/b/goals/meta is still derailed?!

Confirmed! We’ve got some payments to make… (All still very much worth it, don’t worry!)

We previously paid @insti $90 for the last remrev derailment.
Looks like @olimay gets the $270 remrev derailment.
And can @olimay and @aaronpk confirm who spotted the b/meta derailment first? (Fixing a data problem with that graph but it’s going to be a legit derailment regardless.)

Both remrev and b/meta are going to be at $810 starting today so it’s time to get serious. (: cc @bee

Not sure who was first, but I commented here I thought within minutes of the goal derailing. Will derails happen any time other than at the top of the hour?

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Deadlines can be any time and you can see the deadline for a goal under the derailment countdown. It’s also allowed to snooze deadlines with 6 or more hours of lead time, which seems to mostly be enough to prevent people from doing so akratically. (The real danger is then cranial silicosis with putting “temporarily” snoozed deadlines back again. We’re thinking an interface that builds in the temporariness of the snoozing would be valuable, at least for me and @bee.)

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+1 for temporary snoozing. I’d use it in the different direction, moving a
deadline closer on a one-off basis.


I had just posted about remrev when I popped over to another tab and saw that b/meta had derailed early too.

I noticed and edited my comment about this before 20:00EDT/17:00PDT and I hadn’t seen @aaronpk’s post yet, which came very, very promptly at 20:01 or something, which was pretty impressive.

I edited my post only once, so the fair way to tell if I was before would be to look at the timestamp on the edit. Could anyone be bothered to check? If not, I can’t prove anything and I say @aaronpk gets that one!

If there is a next time noticing two have derailed, I’ll just double-post to get a timestamp… I was stupidly adhering to forum/comment ettiquette.

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Discourse doesn’t seem to be giving me a way to see edit timestamps (I think because it was within a window where it didn’t count as an official edit) but let’s go with @aaronpk for that one because:

  1. Sharing the love (it might even make sense to include in the fine print a rule about a waiting period after claiming a derailment to give others a chance)
  2. Quoting @insti from chat: “allowing claim by edit leads to all kinds of sneaky ninja tricks”