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Take the Beeminder founders' money



Woah time machine!


That was a close one on UVI!


Confirmed! $30 to @olimay!

Oh, not as close as it looked. We have a backlog of UVIs right now so it’s just a matter of trawling our GitHub commits and figuring out how to explain something in 140 characters. Which is dumb – it’s so much better to tweet things as they happen. We don’t want to retroratchet because we want to take a real vacation at some point with our well-earned safety buffer, so… It’s like we need a secondary Beeminder goal to maintain our safety buffer on the primary goal (yo dawg).


Regarding not tweeting UVIs as they happen, I may have a solution of sorts? Download BeeminderJS (or some other simple terminal client for beeminder) and the twitter cmdline client t and then set up the following function in your bash profile:

uvi () {
  bm cd uvi 1 "$@"
  t update "$@"
  # optional; if you want to be able to easily see your most recent UVIs to avoid duplicates
  echo "$now    $@" >> /path/to/uvis.log
# optional alias to quickly view log
alias uvis="less /path/to/uvis.log"

then you type

uvi "thing to tweet and log to beeminder"

and BAM!

Now you can just git push and then immediately tweet and log to beeminder. This is what I do for @compluvi + m/complice-uvi


Was there supposed to be a 4th anniversary post now?

(Sorry, I know you are working hard, but naggy folks like me might be what helps you get it done… or something like that?)


If only it were Flyminder?



We’re taking the deadline to be 6am pacific (13 hours from now)! Excitement!


Go go go!

I want new graphs so bad I started working on it myself, a while ago, and realized how much work it was–I think someone at Beeminder HQ even favorited me asking around on Twitter if anyone had tips for converting “a graph” to something clientside and JS-y.


Wait so what happened? I overslept my 6 am celebrate Beeminder alarm!


Oh, doh, I just saw there’s a new blog post!




Confirmed! $270 to @chipmanaged!

We did a podcast interview this morning and got a bit thrown off our usual schedule. That plus the lack of a support-zero beemergency which is usually what prompts us to also tweet an infrahancement an hour later. Oh, and this is for the “meta” user which means we don’t have zeno polling for it. (A reminder to ourselves to finish this half-baked social feature where you can have other users’ goals in your own gallery.)

@bee has been all infras all the time lately, upgrading Ruby and migrating us from MongoMapper to Mongoid, but our fine print clearly says that what matters is tweeting it. So that was fair and square!


It looks like /b/sptzero has derailed.


It totally did look that way but, by item 4 in the fine print, we eked by. The amount of time it takes to process derailments is getting disturbingly large, actually. We will fix this! Please – and we’re talking to ourselves as users as well – don’t get used to that loophole!

I think if this keeps happening we’ll strike item 4. But hopefully we’ll make it moot sooner than later by getting derailments to process much faster. (The time it takes depends a lot on time of day of the deadline, btw.)



I’m not sure what happened here, but did everyone miss on the 20th or so?


Confirmed, $5 to @adamwolf. Also people keep missing my hardsoon derailments, which is up to $90 at risk now. Maybe I’ll just add $30 to @adamwolf’s payout…


We can make it official, December ~20th on :smile:


When I reported the bupgrades derail, I had clicked every goal from the list into a new tab, and when I went through them, about half of them redirected to the main page with the red error that indicates a private or missing goal, I forget the text.

They all worked now–not sure if you fixed something, if there was an issue, or if it was a weird fluke.


Did infra derail this afternoon?