Thanks, guys, for the new/improved...

It’s altogether too easy to focus on our next Beeminder feature or bug fix want and to fail to mention how much we appreciate the things you guys are knocking off and improving day after day. So…

I thought it would be nice if we mentioned a recent, favourite new feature(s), improvement(s), bug-fix(es), whatever, to show some love. And in browsing this thread, we might also end up noticing changes that had escaped our attention.

I’ll start…

Thanks for fixing the retro-ratchet on the do-less goals! It now works perfectly, allows us to use “max units” as the buffer, and makes clear that this is what’s being used in the dialogues. Loving this fix!


@mary, thanks for posting this, I would not notice it has changed without your post! :smile:
Indeed, a great improvement which was lacking.


It’s mentioned in another post, but I’m a huge fan of the new checkmarks on Android widgets! So great. Also the recent Complice integration has been pretty lifechanging!!


Not super new, but I’m a big fan of the ‘Amounts due by day’ table that lives in the sidebar.


Good idea! I’m also a fan of the table in the sidebar. Also the new reminder settings are great.


I also love the new checkmarks on the Android widgets. It’s strange how such a simple thing as a checkmark provides extra motivation to work on my goals.

The Beeminder summary widget for Android, which was introduced a bit earlier, is also awesome! Especially for somebody with 35 active goals :smile: .

Oh, and even though it’s been a while, the pledge cap is really useful for convincing other people to give Beeminder a try. It helps reassure them that they won’t lose more money than they find acceptable if they try Beeminder.


Woah, did instant archive of finished goals get added sometime?? I just archived a goal and it did, well, not instantly but a lot faster than 7 days. :smiley:


Many thanks on the new version of the iOS app :slight_smile:
Things i’ve noticed

  • No more “getting stuck refreshing for ever on the main screen” bug
  • Ability to refresh auto-data from the app (by the way i think the graph and minimum numbers are refreshed, but the “latest data” are not, you have to go back to the main screen, refresh and come back)
  • Graphs on the Today (Notifications) view

Thanks, and good catch on the datapoints not updating! Something for 4.3 : - )


Also, these things

are very entertaining. Just sayin :smiley:


I love widgets on Android. I love my screen of green…