the SOS clause

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From: Daniel Reeves
Date: Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 01:07
Subject: the SOS clause

What do you all think of Clause 7 here:

Excerpt: “If something truly unexpected happens, such as physical
injury, that prevents you from staying on your road you can make your
road immediately become flat. To mitigate this otherwise abusable
loophole, there are two conditions on invoking the SOS clause: First,
you have to notify Beeminder before you officially lose…”

We’ve been struggling with how to balance self-binding and retaining
flexibility if it’s truly needed.
Ideally, we want to perfectly distinguish between akrasia and a
genuine change in preferences.
That’s probably impossible to do perfectly but we’d like to get as
close as possible. – search://“Daniel Reeves” – search://"Daniel Reeves"
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