Timeular and beeminder together


Has anyone managed to sync Timeular and Beeminder? I saw that it should be possible to do it with Zapier, but I can’t figure out how to do it exactly.
I’m interested in setting some 'hours spent doing X ’ type goals.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you’re not particularly married to Timeular specifically and just want to do some “hours spent doing X” goals, consider Toggl, which natively integrates with Beeminder—if using Timeular specifically is a requirement, I wish you the best of luck in your search! :slight_smile:


I can vouch for Toggl too, which has a really nice integration with Beeminder, although it’s a bit expensive at ~€20/month

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There’s a free tier of Toggl if you don’t need fancy statistics and such!

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It does look like Timeular has an API, so it seems possible!

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Thanks for the suggestions!
When looking for a time tracker I tried Toggl for a few minutes, but didn’t like the interface for what I need. What I like about Timeular is that I can make a list of tasks on the main page of the mobile/desktop apps and just switch between them with one click. I don’t ever need to type anything, just a single click. In my case it’s really convenient because I have a list of around 10 things and I never add anything new to it. I don’t want to have to name them or pick a project for every new task every time.

But after seeing your recommendations I will take another look at Toggl. Maybe I just need to spend more time using it and will get used to it :slight_smile:



I share your complaint about “too much typing” for the desktop app — but the mobile app has a much nicer ability to pick from recent projects, so practically i only need to set each Thing I Do up once in there and then it’s pretty comfy, ime. Your mileage may, of course, vary :slight_smile:

I will take another look at Toggl :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I use desktop apps more than mobile ones (I spend most of the day in front of a screen).

I also contacted Timeular support about the possibility of syncing Timeular account with Toggle. If that works well, I could then sync Toggl with Beeminder. It might be another workaround for me

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Also, I might be overcomplicating things a bit haha
If there is no easy way to do it, I can always just put the data manually into the Beeminder every evening while continuing to use Timeular. It’s not that difficult

The Toggl website sort of does something like this. Once you have an entry in your timeline, you can click an arrow on it to start a new timer for the same thing. The timeline stretches back several days by default, with a “load more” button for earlier days.

If you don’t have too many activities and you do them all every few days at least, then it sounds like the timeline might be similar to your description of Timeular’s main page, although with duplication and only chronological sorting.

Screenshot showing timeline with 'Continue time entry' icon


It actually does look a bit similar. I will keep it in mind, thanks!