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"Todoist Zero"

I’m looking for a way to automatically beemind a particular filter in Todoist (ideally, but could be a tag or due date if necessary) and record how many tasks are in it. (Goal is to have 0 tasks in that filter by the end of the day.)

Any ideas??


I’d love to have this, especially for the inbox or “overdue”!


Hmm… So maybe there’s no way to do this? Maybe there’s a workaround or a different way to go about it… Here’s what I’m trying to do…

I want to track output and whether I accomplish the tasks I set out to do for that day, but I use Todoist in a way that keeps me from simply tracking the number of tasks completed. A typical todoist task for me looks like “Project Name – Action Item”. So the task isn’t checked off until the project is complete. When an action item is complete, I edit the task to replace the completed action item with the next one and change its due date. The system works really well for me generally because I don’t lose track of projects and don’t have to review a separate project list.

However, it keeps me from any Beeminder integration that would automatically track whether I got today’s tasks done, which I’d really like. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might accomplish any sort of automatic Beeminding of task completion?


I’m fairly certain you could do this using Integromat. They integrate with both Beeminder and Todoist. Integromat is a fantastic tool when you need something fancier than the basic integration or IFTTT can get you.


Oh, thanks! I’ll look into it!!

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