too many goals and ideas to track

i have so much to do and i need to manage it all somehow, which led me to beeminder! how do i structure it? example: piano improv, finding a freelance tester job, finding a regular job, budgeting, piano improv, coding in python, improvinee wine tasting palate, etc… please help

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Hi! I’d pick one to start with. If I were going to pick, say, budgeting, I’d find a tool for budgeting that works for me (like a spreadsheet, or YNAB, or some other tool) and then I’d decide how frequently I need to look at it. Every time I look at it, I’d add +1 on the graph.

I have a graph for that, in fact: shanaqui/ynab. I’ve set the goal to be 5/7 per day, which is 5 times a week, because I want to make sure I go in and look at it at least that often. (You can see that I overachieve on that goal and have a lot of buffer; you probably won’t have or want that, especially as you establish the habit.)

For some of the others, I’d use time-based goals, maybe tracked through Toggl. I’d think about how much time I’d like to spend on them per day, or per week, and set my goal accordingly. If I wanted to spend an hour per week practising my coding skills, I’d set up a goal with Toggl and set the rate to 1/7 per day. I might start with a bit of leeway so I don’t immediately have to do my first practice session!


hey, thanks a lot for answering, i have chosen a random goal which is reading 3 articles from pocket a day, but budgeting is incredibly sensible! i can delete the goal and choose a new one any time, right?

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Ah, thanks for asking! Valuable to hear. During the first week, you can delete a goal at any time. After that, you’d need to archive the goal, which takes 7 days to kick in (during which you have to stay on track).

Free accounts get three goals at a time and can request more in exchange for feedback when they run out, so you may not have to delete a goal to try out a new one, when you’re ready!


hey again, wanted to ask you to tell in more detail about the requesting more goals in exchange for feedback. What kind of feedback? who i have to contact to get more goals?

Hi! When you’ve used up your free goals, there’s a “more free goals” button you can click. You can enter your feedback in that field. Normally we’d be looking for feedback that helps us make Beeminder better, which can be stuff like suggestions for integrations you’d like to see, or questions about things you find confusing. That’ll send an email to support, where I or another workerbee will take a look!

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thanks a lot for answering! i will try to track a lot of goals and see if it works for me at some point! need to figure out the budgeting integration, the app i use cant integrate with beeminder i think. what do i do in that case? (sorry for asking so many questions, thats the last one, then i will make dedicated topics for everything)

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I don’t think we have an integration with any apps that work for budgeting – unless there’s something through IFTTT/Zapier/Integromat. I just have a manual goal!

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