Trying to remember to plan before jumping into problem under time pressure

I’ve been trying for years to remember to think before jumping into problem solving mode. I have a beeminder to think for 5 minutes a day which mostly helps, but it’s not working for sudden problems with tight deadlines that suddenly arise. Instead I just keep jumping in. Any ideas how to remember to slow down in the moment?


Reading about and trying making it a habit for the last 2-3 months, i find that meditation is helping me resist the urge to act on issues that are not really urgent. Basically (as i understand it), meditation is (can be) simply that, an exercise in focusing in the moment despite everything that happens around you.


Condition yourself to ask this question before you jump into problem solving mode: is this bringing me closer to x.

x could be an emotion you want to experience… A goal… A mission… a group of friends. Anything you think is important to you.


“Instead I just keep jumping in.”

Hmmm… I would say that at some point you decide to jump in, even if you don’t notice that decision. Maybe try to drill down and figure out what happens in the moment between receiving a “sudden” problem and “jumping in”. Then see if you can stick a little bit of consciousness in there. I agree with @apolyton that meditation will probably help!

Two resources:


Okay, I am trying mediation.

Any suggestions how to do the conditioning?

hey tracy,

a bit extreme: track what you do every 10 minutes in a journal.

a bit less extreme: write down what you are going to do every day, then do it, then reflect before 2/3 of the day is over if you did it.

it all boils down to awareness.

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