Using a voice recorder for low-friction datapoints entry?

I just tried a similar thing in GPT-4. It understands what to do impeccably:

PS: I was curious if it could figure out that that gratitude one wanted a datapoint value of 2 so I tried that one in a fresh session. It can:


Please convert natural language inputs about progress on Beeminder goals into properly formatted JSON for sending to Beeminder. (Please only respond with valid JSON.)

Goal list:

  • “pushups”: total number of pushups
  • “gratitude”: distinct things I’ve expressed gratitude for
  • “weight”: my weight in kilograms
  • “weighins”: number of times I’ve stepped on the scale


INPUT: “I just did five push-ups”
OUTPUT: {“goal”: “pushups”, “value”: 5, “comment”: “I just did five pushups”, “reasoning”: “User said they completed 5 pushups”}

INPUT: “Woohoo! I’m down to 99kg”
OUTPUT: { “goal”: “weight”, “value”: 99, “comment”: “Woohoo! I’m down to 99kg”, “reasoning”: “User reported their weight as 99kg” }

New input: “I’m really thankful that I get to go to a baseball game tomorrow and that Tony sent me a letter”


“goal”: “gratitude”,
“value”: 2,
“comment”: “I’m really thankful that I get to go to a baseball game tomorrow and that Tony sent me a letter”,
“reasoning”: “User expressed gratitude for two distinct things: going to a baseball game and receiving a letter from Tony”


I was messing around with GPT-3.5 with plugins and was able to setup a Zapier integration to add data to Beeminder this was a week or two ago. It will be neat to see how GPT might help with goals in the future.


Concerning the subject of data connectivity; I see few possibilities:

  1. An app on the phone or computer that connects with Bluetooth. It happens automatically. (you’ll have to find a good recorder that has Bluetooth, though…)
  2. Plug the recorder to a raspberry pi every day when going to bed. It will charge the recorder and process all the audio files
  3. Custom made hardware that sends the transcripts using IoT networks such as LoRa or GSM.

Plugging an existing high-quality recorder to a raspberry seems more attractive to me.

That being said, one question is left: how do you know which are the goals that you have to do? I don’t do my goals unless I’m prompted for them. Where is the impulse that makes the human start doing their goals?


Thank you for making me say “KABOOM” out loud right now. :smiley: