Using Tagtime's task editor

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I have 228 finished tasks at the moment! I’m definitely planning to calculate my estimate correctness factor someday. They were a major factor in starting to use TagTime, since they are perfectly suited as spolsky estimates! Perhaps I’ll start myself a goal to work on this in August :smile:.

But I can’t use the automatic timers directly to calculate the factor, since I usually start multiple goals at once. Often the timer runs to multiple days for goals with estimates of a only handful of minutes. I also have some super-goals with long-term estimates, collecting a bunch of other tasks. I will have to calculate the expected number of pings versus real pings for each task. I’ve also been prefixing abandoned tasks with "ABD: " when I mark them as finished. I had a reason for not deleting them outright, but can’t think of it ATM.

I will update this thread when I’ve made any progress or when I have more concrete ideas of how to go about this. I don’t think the script folder contains anything doing something similar?

Anyone else using the task editor?

PS: I also use the “non” tag, but I haven’t really looked yet at what the intended use was for the “nonXX” tag (with XX day of month?). Can you shed a light?

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It was an elaborate attempt to force myself to remember to tag pings with the appropriate task number. First I tried making the interface force me to either give a task number or “non”. But then, with most pings being on non-tasks, I’d add “non” to pings on autopilot even when I was working on a numbered task. So I thought if I had to type a different version of “non” every day then I couldn’t accidentally do it on auto-pilot. I thought wrongly. So at that point I gave up.

Love it! It’s intentional that the graph wanted exactly one datapoint? Do you restart the goal each time you want to make yourself reply to something? Does that work ok? GTBee seems like it’d be better suited to that. Or a mustdo goal.