Visualizing multiple data points on ONE date

Hello. I’m a newbie who just started using beeminder.

How do I make the graph show all the data points when there are multiple data points on one date?

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I created a goal called reading-books and entered two numbers, 126 and 187, for the date 2024-01-21. As shown in the attached graph, both are marked with red and green dots.

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I want to manage my blood sugar level I set the goal type to whittle down, so that I would derail if it goes over 150. I measure my blood sugar several times a day. I wish these values were all marked as dots on the graph.

But when I created a goal called glocuse-whittle-down and entered two numbers, 65 and 80, for the date 2024-01-22, only 65 is shown. It’s the same when I change the number 80 to 40.

Why is that?

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Ah, useful to know this seems weird! It depends on the goal type and what’s expected to be useful for that particular graph type, though it’s something you can change with access to custom goal settings.

(I admit, it’s a surprise to me that it’s a custom goal setting, since that’s gated behind premium – I think it’s worth an internal discussion about whether we should expose that option more generally, because I’m not sure why it’d need to be gated with the other, trickier settings. So thanks for bringing this up!)

The support team can take a look at turning it on for you, if you email us at and let us know which goal/goals you’d like it on. We’re happy to do that in exchange for the feedback about this, since it’s always useful to hear this kind of thing! Just mention this thread so if it’s not me that answers, everyone knows I already said it was OK. :slight_smile:


Thank you. On the API documentation, I found out that each goal has a property called plotall, and if it is true, it displays all the data points of the day on the graph, and if it is false, it displays last, max, min, sum according to the aggday setting.

I confirmed that the default value of plotall is true for the goals I created, Do More and Odometer.
On the other hand, Lose Weight and Whittle Down have plotall set to false.

You mean that setting plotall arbitrarily for each goal is only possible for Bee plus or higher, right?
(I am subscribing to Infinibee.)

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Yep, correct! It’s a custom goal setting, and those are only available to folks with Bee Plus or Beemium level subscriptions.

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