What is a nice zeno polling start time?

Assuming my goal deadline is 24:00, what is the best time to start my zeno polling at if I want to receive my zeno notifications at nice round numbers?

I use powers of two, so 2, 4, 8, or 16 hours before my deadline, depending on how many reminders I want (or expect) to receive on a typical day.

So for a midnight goal, that’s 10pm, 8pm, 4pm, or 8am. That last will get you reminders at each of the other times too.

For my experimental goals with middle-of-day deadlines, I’ve set my deadline to an hour later than I wanted it to be, so that I can treat deadline −1 hour as a soft deadline before Zeno goes crazy with the emails as the actual hard deadline approaches.



And is this even a good idea?

Maybe it’s just my OCD speaking, but I recently shifted my goal deadline back an hour on a stack of goals and noticed that the zeno notifications were coming in at odd times.

Perhaps I’d just gotten used to the old schedule and maybe it’s better if I don’t know when to be expecting them. (or as @dreev would say ‘just clear your damn eeps’)

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One thing I dislike about my reminders set-up is that they tend to arrive in clumps of several warnings at a time.

Regardless of what regular or irregular times you choose, that’s a potential side effect of using default settings.

Waterfalling your goals will stagger the times, which you can make fall on the hour or otherwise, of course.

Is it a good idea? I think there’s value in unexpected reminders. Regularity and predictability make for ignorability, given our brains’ operation.

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feature request “zeno jitter” which modifies the time of the polls by ±J% ?