What kinds of (new?) goals/projects are you planning on doing/Beeminding in 2020?

Hope it is not too early. Share your ideas! :grinning:


My master thesis :see_no_evil:


I recently started beeminding the ankification of various non-fiction texts. My next one is Art of Electronics, 3rd Edition. I won’t be ankifying it all, but coming in at over 1200 pages, it’ll be a long haul. (Just because I have a few degrees in engineering doesn’t mean I can always whip out various transistor topologies without a quick review to remind myself… and I’d like to change that.)


Cool! Good luck - what are you planning as predictive goals for achieving the first one? Time spent on the project? Pages written?

Yes. All of the above.
And I will probably use Trello again like I did (and am still doing) here:

I learned a ton from beeminding my current endeavour and I am positive I can apply that to beeminding my master thesis:

Also I might beemind sending a short feedback mail to my professor every week, just telling them what I did. Because being held accountable will hopefully make me stay focused more easily. I have a tendency to get super creative with big projects like that and then I add ridiculous things and go way overboard and it would probably be a good idea to curb that.


Talking and having feedback with someone else seems like a really good idea. You could even introduce him to Beeminder :wink: and talk about this goal of one report a week (or something similar).

Oh I did. He concluded it is too inflexible for his needs.