Yes, but we have lots and lots of willpower

My child got a copy of Frog and Toad Together recently, and this story is basically Beeminder in a nutshell. Somebody went to the trouble of putting it online already:


This is one of my favorite Frog and Toad stories! They are all good though. =)


Yup, we have this book and now I feel very silly that I never mentioned it anywhere in Beeminderland before! <3 <3

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The article that’s a comment on makes reading seem so joyless. :scream: (Caveat: at least for me. I like reading what friends/book club members are reading, reading multiple books at once, getting new books – part of the joy of books is in those things, and there is not much of the joy in books in treating my shelves like a curriculum to read through.)

I’m with Toad. I’m off to bake a cake buy some new books and finish reading this book I randomly grabbed off my shelf* and got neck-deep into by accident**.

(Okay, no, actually I’m off to finish replying to things in the support inbox, but I will certainly be reading after that, and buying new books soon.)

* Excellent Intentions by Richard Hull.
** Of course it is possible to start reading a book by accident. You just read the first page, to see what the tone is like, and then you’re sucked in, and then it’s half an hour later and you might as well finish the book.

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