Instant derails always surprise me


Every now and them I’m reminded that things can derail instantly and without the ability to edit them to fix it (without talking to support) and it’s never a pleasant reminder - it’s never a disaster because of the support loophole, but it always breaks my mental model of how to use beeminder because it happen so rarely. Even though I know it’s a thing I never really manage to form a consistent model of what triggers it. Is it when you go red after having the previous day also end red or something?

Anyway, I don’t really have a concrete proposal here, this is just a thing that regularly slightly upsets me so I thought I’d let you know. Do with this info as you will.


Well I guess my concrete proposal is “derails should always happen on deadline boundaries”, but I don’t know how complicated that is or why this happens like it does currently.


The fact that most derails happen on a deadline boundary creates an illusion that the rule is something other than the above. But Beeminder is in fact continuously watching all of your goals and will derail them whenever there’s two consecutive days in the red.

I agree 100%

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OK, well I guess I do have a consistent mental model for it then, but I never remember that mental model until it actually happens :slight_smile:

I guess this is the same thing that causes the do less behaviour that almost everyone hates?


I’m pretty sure that’s right and that @dreev is working on fixing it. If only there were some sort of commitment device to make him get it done! :slight_smile: