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Goal change / derail interaction


If you derail shortly before a scheduled goal change, such that the goal change ends up falling during your grace period, then when the change happens it can cut the grace period short. See here:, where I’m on an eep day only four days after recommitting because the line started moving early.


Ah, thanks so much for reporting this! (Bug reports like this earn you stickers – DM me your snailmail address if you want them!) And can you reply to the legit check (or email directly) and reference this forum thread so we can manually deal with that in the meantime?


Well, I haven’t incurred a legit check (yet) because I logged some progress when I hit eep day yesterday. Is there a way to fix it before I derail, or should I derail today on purpose so we have a way of fixing it?


I was thinking just do your best but if you do derail, call not-legit on it based on this. But now it occurs to me that that may be a highly unsatisfactory answer if, for example, you’d end up skating the edge for a while before inevitably derailing and it would just add a bunch of unnecessary – and entirely unfair – stress. In that case, just send a fresh email to pointing to this thread and we’ll sort it out there. Sorry for the hassle and thanks again for reporting this!

PS: I’m a fan of your work! Super honored to have you beeminding!


PPS: I might’ve had you partially confused with a mathematician named Velleman, but either way, your work is awesome too.

PPPS: Your self-referential bug cracked me up.


The mathematician you like is my uncle. :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for the help!