1st goal: stretching


wanted to say hello to the community. I’m going to start with a stretch exercise 1 time per day.

be cool,


Welcome, Robert!

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Good one. I lift three times a week, but I find fitting in any stretching or mobility really tough. I may want to Beemind this soon too. Are you following any particular program?

Hey olimay,

for me stretching is a no brainer. I’ve a back injury. So without the stretching, my performance is bad.

Regarding the program: do what works.
I’ve studied over >20 hours of material on google & youtube. All kinds of lower back exercises, mobility, stability and more. Now I only do the exercise that targets my specific pain.

Right now I’m doing some warm up exercises:
push ups (50x), sit ups (10x) and some squats

and then the actual stretching:
Some piriformis stretches (2x both sides 20-30 seconds)

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Welcome! That’s an excellent first goal. Stretching and physio are perfect things to beemind.

Possibly unrelated, but I use my dailies script to encourage me to stretch, um, daily.

I’ve got a list of stretches that I ‘ought’ to do frequently. Each one earns me a point, and the (custom) goal is set to enforce an average percentage-complete every day.

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Hey philip,


How does your script work for you?

It works pretty well. Certainly I stretch more with a Beeminder goal than I do without one. Every time that I put the goal on hold because “I don’t need it any more”, I’m wrong.

Like any aggregate goal, it’s possible for me to avoid one of the components indefinitely. But at least I see a list of the stretches every day, so it’s also a reminder and I can work my way through them.

I’ve lumped all of my stretches into one goal, but not all stretches are equal. Your list is probably similar; some stretches are essential to keep a particular injury at bay, others are a bit more general.


Hey Robert,

Welcome to the beehive!

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