2017 log (dev hours, derivatives & becoming fit)


Yes. I reread it at least every other year, and I’ve been using it as the
basis for my own personal system since… 2006?


Could you please elaborate on how exactly you beemind finances? What is your system?


If you like your weekly reviews, check out this http://bulletjournal.com/


Thanks. I try to keep my tools at minimum. it’s about the system not the tools.


The system is simple: I’ve a beeminder 3 times a week checking my finances (putting the expenses and income (usually 1/2 invoices) into a spreadsheet in excell), so I know exactly what my current state of expenses / income and cash is. Does that answer your question?

I’m currenlty researching how to invest 500 euro that I’ve saved to invest into something. I’m making a personal finance list of bloggers for the netherlands to understand what the more richer people are doing with their money :slight_smile:

Ideal scenario: to be able to build something like youneedabudget.com into my excelsheet so I have 0 worry (read: peace of mind) about finances.


Thanks. I already use YNAB, but I have a problem deciding what to beemind. I had an idea to beeming “just for fun” category (dining out and various entertainment) monthly, but I found monthly or weekly beeminders not current enough for me, I take beeminder seriously only when it requires attention daily. But there is not much to beemind on that scale with YNAB since its about monthly budget for the most part.


After being almost 2 full weeks sick in bed, I’m slowly getting back as per the comments above.

Will post insights later.

There will be less tracking in next 90 days. More focus on 1 thing.


Well this is just a system of doing daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reviews. You decide how to implement it. it can be on paper or digital or in your mind :smiley:


but I have a problem deciding what to beemind.

that’s normal :slight_smile:


Primary focus
maximize amount of seconds worked on my ruby on rails project.

minimizing social activities (this one is a big distraction)
zero coffee
Do daily (instead of weekly) review of my GTD system


Currently having another ad hoc activity of reading and making a summary of GTD. This will be beneficial for whatever primary focus I will have in the future. Link to that discussion: http://forum.gettingthingsdone.com/threads/anti-failure-implementation-of-gtd.13545/


The ordering of goals has been wonderful so far :slight_smile:

Currently have 4 layers:

000 --> monitoring via rescuetime of atom/sublime/localhost/terminal hours
1xx --> base helpers
2xx --> primary focus
3xx --> “deep work 5th room kind of thing” (once a month at minimum)