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Beeminding Long Periods of Time; or, The Automatic Uncle

I use Beeminder to beemind my worktime, generally quite successfully. However, it’s super easy to procrastinate myself into a bad spot. It’s not very clear when I must start in order to make my deadline.

Would it be better if Beeminder knew this was a time goal, and could derail me immediately if I get to a point where I don’t have enough time before the deadline to put in the required amount of time? Ideally, could it also bug me based on this secondary deadline instead of the primary one? Like, “Buddy, you have got to get on this in the next 25 minutes or it won’t be physically possible to put in the time you need by 6:30 this evening.”

Does anyone else experience this pain point? How have you worked around it?


I hear ya!

Dynamic timing of zeno reminders would be fantastic. The way I work around it is to have my time-based goals have their zeno reminders early enough in the day that I have warning (so my “work 3.5 hours a day” goal sends me a reminder if it’s a beemergency day around 2pm, so I have time to crank out some work before the end of the workday).