3 Habits for Lazy People

I just wanted to leave this little no-BS nugget of advice here from the great Lefie:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


I like the reframing of getting things done now being so that you can let your future self laze about, definitely something I’ve been trying to teach myself for years.

Also, somewhat tangentially, this made me think of how I borrowed our laundry basket out of the bathroom for something years ago and then found that the laundry got done faster because the pile of clothes on the floor was more annoying and in-your-face whereas the basket with a lid was easily ignorable. Therefore we never put the basket back in the bathroom and the system still works pretty well. (Though I haven’t managed to teach the teenager that all I want her to do is drop her clothes on the bathroom floor rather than her bedroom floor.)


Very nice! If somebody is too lazy to watch it. Hehe.:

  1. Make cleaning up part of the act - Example: Cooking: Make cleaning the dishes part of the “eating routine”.
  2. “Pairing” - find things you like and pair them with something you don’t like. (My comment: see also temptation bundling)
  3. Say no from the start - instead of “yes” or “I don’t know maybe…”