a couple more Todoist Premium codes

these only works if you don’t have a Todoist Premium or Business. good for three months Premium each, I think.


Nice! Just claimed one of these - thanks @ryubyss23.

Any tips on how you use Beeminder (or Complice) with Todoist?

I don’t have any tips, really I have not used Beeminder in any concerted way. I also deleted my Todoist account. although I would rather not have wasted the free codes.

why? initially, I liked the gamification aspects of Todoist Premium, but as you earn more Karma Points (as they call them) you level up much more slowly and you have only seven levels.

added to that, Todoist a few minor problems. among others, you have to go online to use it and you have to pay annually for the service, versus the 2do app which you just pay for once. so I have decided to go back to 2do.

I figure that the Todoist people think that since they have so many subscribers, they don’t need to change or improve.

FYI, I think I started using Todoist in May or June, I think. initially, I really liked it and gladly paid for it.