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Habitica party?

Been experimenting with using Habitica again. Curious if any Beeminder users are in a party I could join?



I have been relooking into Habitica but can’t see why I would use Habitica vs Todoist (for tasks) & Beeminder (for habits)?


I don’t think either is wrong. I’m trying out using Beeminder for longer interval or higher priority stuff, and Habitica for things I want to do every day or are lower priority. Also I’m beeminding my Habitica usage. And I’m also using something like Autofocus in Notion for casual task/project management. But I really think it’s just find what works for you. Habitica goes all-in on the gamification and adds a social component, too, if you join a party, both of which you don’t get in the same way with Todoist and Beeminder.

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I just joined a party recently, called Death Gophers, by going into the “Party Wanted (looking for a group)” guild. It really does help make Habitica more fun so I recommend trying it, although it took me awhile to figure out. I can ask my party if I can invite you, but I need your email address. It just helps to know that other people are relying on you achieving your goals.

Have you played around with hatching the eggs into pets and mounts and buying equipment? It’s silly but fun IMO, but I accept that I’m just a big kid.

I’ve been using Habitica and Beeminder together recently to make sure I do my 4 Dailies that are my highest priorities, but you just have to be careful about making sure you check off your Dailies before the day ends or they won’t be ported to Beeminder, and to try not to use Habitica around midnight when the data transfers.


I can check with my party whether they’re comfortable adding you in! I don’t see why not, since I know you well enough (I usually stick to people who know me a little), though I should warn you, it’s a small party so quests can go a little slow, though obviously adding someone might spice things up again. Let me know and I can ask!

Otherwise, the suggestion about the Party Wanted guild is a good idea; you can describe the sort of party you’re looking for (e.g. “looking for a social party to do quests with” or “looking for a party that does a lot of quests quickly”) and find one that fits in with what you want out of it.

Just FYI, to add someone to a party on Habitica, you need their @username or UUID – email address might not work, if they already have an account, depending on how they signed up. :grin:


Thank you, all! :smiley:

@physicsgal Yes!! I used Habitica for a while a few years back and being in a party most definitely make Habitica way better imo.

@shanaqui PMing you… :slight_smile: