Heya, fellow Beeminders!

I’m a big Bee-booster — I used Beeminder (in conjunction with another anti-akrasia site) to lose 50 lbs about a decade ago.

I just started Beeminder again (after a multi-year gap), and am fully and totally confused as to what the heck is going on in my graph:

So I lost 1.2 pounds between yesterday and today — down from 200.0 to 198.8. But that’s, um, not at all what the graph is showing.

Could anyone help me understand…

  1. Why my graph (purple line) starts at “400”?
  2. Why the number “598.8” shows up under “Goal Progress”?
  3. Why (when my whole goal is to lose weight) the numbers in “Amounts due by day” are all the same — 200?

I’m so, so, so, so lost. If I weren’t a past lover of Beeminder, I’d definitely be bailing right now. Instead, I commend myself to your expertise.

p.s. — Update: I hit “add image” to add in a screenshot of my graph… but when I hit “Create topic” I was told I couldn’t embed an image? But then, why is there a button to… gah! Okay, I uploaded the screenshot to Google Drive, and have pasted that link above. GAH. This is not a fun way to start a diet.

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Oh my goodness welcome back! My quick first guess is you accidentally created a cumulative / auto-summing goal so it’s adding your weight measurements to the previous measurements. It may be easiest to email to get it sorted. It’s also hugely valuable feedback that you accidentally created the wrong kind of goal. We definitely need for the UI to make it harder to make that kind of mistake!

PS: Also not sure why the forum here didn’t let you include an image directly. Normally you can just literally copy/paste images in. I’m trying that as an admin-edit to your post now…