Struggling to Beemind calories/day?

I initially tried using the “Do Less” goal and set it at 1400kc max /day however as I inputted data Beeminder said I was failing and I need to do more than 1400kc and the graph was an upward slope all the way up to 20k and not a straight line/gradual slope. I tried modifying the maximum and date with no luck
Any help would be appreciated

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Hi there! I replied to your deletion feedback email about this earlier – did you get that okay? If our emails are going astray, that’s pretty serious, so we’d love to get that figured out. If you didn’t get it, can you start by checking your spam folder?

We’d obviously also love to figure out what’s going wrong for you. It looks like you’ve deleted the goal, so if you could make it again that’d really help us see what you’re confused about and where the settings might be going wrong for you. I promise, we won’t charge you if something goes wrong and you get charged due to confusion! We send out a “legitimacy check” email, and you can reply to that and let us know what happened, and we’ll get the charge cancelled.

Just FYI, I think one of the points of confusion here is about the slope. It’s a cumulative graph, so it’s always going to slope up. You can take a look at a real live do-less goal of mine if that might help you see what’s going on! It might also be worth it to try the help doc about do-less goals and see if that straightens out things at all.

Thanks for chatting with us about this! We really appreciate everything we can learn from this kind of feedback.


Thank you for your emails, they did end up in spam.
I’ve re-added the goals and added data and I was likely just confused. Thank you