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I’m going to open with what the home screens for my phone look like.

Screenshot_20190102-113438 Screenshot_20190102-113521 Screenshot_20190102-113530 Screenshot_20190102-113535 Screenshot_20190102-113539 Screenshot_20190102-113544

I have nearly all of my Beeminder goals as widgets, and I group them. They then put next to the appropriate thing to make that goal get better. I’ve been doing this for a while, and it’s pretty instrumental in ensuring my life stays on the rails. Without it, I am still a pretty productive person, but I teetotal and end up dropping a lot of other life goals outside of career stuff.


I realize it’s not the point but oh my god I thought I had a lot of beeminder goals and I was so, so very wrong.

Are these all manual data entry, or are some of them autodata and you just have them as widgets to observe their progress?


I think I can do an overview for an upcoming entry in this thread, but few are manual data entry. On the first three pages, and the last page, there are maybe 8 total that are manual–the rest are automatic.

On the third page, most are manual.

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Would love more info on your goal system.

Looks like you don’t have to hug your wife for 2 weeks now :open_mouth:

what are the three pairs on the left on the last page?

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I removed the retroratchet on the hugs goal for some reason, and I need to put it back in place. :blush:

The three pairs on the last page are

read on the bus, read on the bus entries
coffeeless days, coffeeless days entries
caffeineless days, caffeineless days entries

The _entries goals are powered by IFTTT, and just make sure I keep entering data even if I have plenty of buffer. They’re kinda like PPRs in that respect, only infinitely more powerful :wink:

I’m not sure why I keep the caffeineless day goal around, when my last caffeinated day was in July or August 2017.


I am so tempted to make goals for bunnytime every time I see yours about hugging your wife… :laughing: I feel like I play favourites in effect by having Biscuit in my office, I really need to remember to spend equal time with each bun, especially with them not getting to run around anymore!

(But what would the goal names be! breakfasttime [Breakfast, of course]… nosetonose [Biscuit]… hugthehulk [Hulk]… cuddleclair [Eclair]… hmmmmm, it’s beginning to look good even just for the goalnames. :smiley:)

Also, I was just thinking about making my own _entries type goals (I always forget to update nothungry and end up having to deal with a bunch of PPRs where I’m not sure what the data actually was) and just realised it was you where I saw that before! Thank you!


is that what the kids call it these days?


Ahaha, no! I have four real pet bunnies I need to remember to hug. :laughing:

(I didn’t even think of that potential meaning. :flushed:)


I used to hide my hug* goals from non-Beeminder nerds, but I got someone good when I asked, “Do you hug your kid every day?” “Yeah, definitely.” Their wife sideeyed, and they saw it. “You sure? I know I do.”


Brilliant goalnames, @shanaqui!

Btw, @faire’s Survivor goal is “smugglethefirecracker” – for hugging her little brother every day. I think “smuggle” is a portmanteau of “smother” and “snuggle”. And of course “firecracker” is an obviously correct epithet for Cantor.


@adamwolf this is a bit off topic… but what are you using to show those goals on your phone as icons? i only have the beeminder app itself (on iphone), but i’d love to have each goal separately showing like yours! :heart_eyes:

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I do the same thing for all my goals. Does the iphone version of the beeminder app not have widgets? On Android you just create a widget on the desktop for each goal.

It’s a widget from the standard android app.

The Beeminder iOS app is more on the minimalism side when it comes to widgets:

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That looks like it’s on the notifications panel. Can you put widgets on the home screen in iOS? Are there customizable desktop managers?

iOS doesn’t let the apps create widgets like Adam’s, unfortunately. Only the left-most ‘notifications’ view can hold the widgets like the one phi posted.


I see these goals are going strong! What happened to hugthehulk?
All these yummy goalnames would make me hungry all the time.

Adam, were you ever going to do a goal overview? And how do the _entries IFTTT goals work?

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The _entries IFTTT goals are like this:


A semi-reasonable overview is here: Adam's Beeminder Goals, March 2016

It’s been 3 years since that overview, but it’s interesting to see what’s changed and what is the same.

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