Advent 2022: 03. Beeminder Help Pages

Today’s post in the Advent Calendar series is about Beeminder’s Help pages. They are an excellent resource for new and experienced Beeminder users, and are regularly improved by Support Czar Nicky using a Freshening process.

Earlier this year I made a goal to read all of them and I learnt a couple of things, even after my years in Beeminder! I also appreciated being reminded of cool features I don’t use often.

If you would like to beemind reading them, below is a numbered list of all the pages to help you keep track. A simple Do More goal is all you need.

However, if you have a premium subscription, an Odometer goal might be better, and if you’ve never used one, this is an easy goal for experimenting with it. Each time you make progress on the goal, the datapoint you enter will be the number that you’re up to from the list below. That makes it super-easy to not forget where you are in the list!

If you find anything confusing in those pages or have any further questions about them, you can always contact Beeminder Support at to let them know.

EDIT: If you’d like to make a checklist for yourself to keep track of the pages you’ve read, see what @clouedoc has done in the comment below! Checkboxes can be entered in markdown by using [ ] (that’s square brackets with a single space in between them). The show-hide toggle can be done by adding [details="Subheading goes here"] at the top of the list and [/details] at the bottom. Feel free to make your own comment for your own checklist!

  1. Quick-Start Overview: What is Beeminder?
  2. Quick-Start Overview: I signed up — what do I do first?
  3. Quick-Start Overview: How do I interpret the goal page?
  4. Quick-Start Overview: How do I interpret the graph?
  5. Quick-Start Overview: How do I change my goal?
  6. Quick-Start Overview: What’s the best way to beemind ______?
  7. Quick-Start Overview: Why does Beeminder think it’s already tomorrow?
  8. Quick-Start Overview: How do I tell Beeminder what day my week starts?
  9. Quick-Start Overview: Example Goal: Get 10,000 steps per day
  10. Quick-Start Overview: Example Goal: Run 3 times per week
  11. Quick-Start Overview: Example Goal: Go to the gym 5 times per week
  12. Quick-Start Overview: Example Goal: Spend less time on Facebook
  13. Quick-Start Overview: Example Goal: Eat 14 servings of vegetables per week
  14. Quick-Start Overview: Example Goal: Learn a new language
  15. Goals: What’s the difference between the goal types?
  16. Goals: Why can’t I create a Do Less / Odometer / Whittle Down goal?
  17. Goals: What is “safety buffer” or leeway?
  18. Goals: Can I get rid of extra safety buffer?
  19. Goals: Can I put my goal on pause for a little bit?
  20. Goals: Can I start my goal over?
  21. Goals: What if I only want to do my goal on weekdays?
  22. Goals: What if I only want to do something once a month?
  23. Goals: My goal doesn’t make any sense!
  24. Goals: Do More Goals
  25. Goals: Do Less goals
  26. Goals: Odometer goals
  27. Goals: Whittle Down goals
  28. Goals: Weight Loss (or Gain)
  29. Goals: Custom goals
  30. Goals: What are the goal statistics?
  31. Goals: Can I schedule breaks on many goals at once?
  32. Goals: Pessimistic Presumptive Reports (PPRs)
  33. Data: What is my data?
  34. Data: How do I enter data to my goal?
  35. Data: What happens if I forgot to enter data?
  36. Data: How do I fix incorrect data?
  37. Data: Can anybody else add data to my goal?
  38. Data: Can I export my data?
  39. Data: Can I import previous data?
  40. Data: Can I change goal units on an existing goal?
  41. Payments: How much does Beeminder cost?
  42. Payments: How much do I pledge on my goals?
  43. Payments: Can I change the pledge on my goal?
  44. Payments: Can I limit how high my pledge gets?
  45. Payments: Can I have goals without pledges?
  46. Payments: How do I manage my premium subscription?
  47. Payments: How do auto-canceling subscriptions work?
  48. Payments: What if I buy one premium plan and change my mind later?
  49. Payments: What payment methods are available?
  50. Payments: How do I update my payment information?
  51. Payments: Why did Beeminder charge my card?
  52. Payments: What happens if a charge fails?
  53. Payments: How does premium credit work?
  54. Derailing: What is a derailment?
  55. Derailing: When do derailments happen?
  56. Derailing: What is a legit derailment?
  57. Derailing: What happens when I derail?
  58. Integrations: Apple Health
  59. Integrations: Clozemaster
  60. Integrations: CodeCombat
  61. Integrations: Complice
  62. Integrations: Draft
  63. Integrations: Duolingo
  64. Integrations: Fitbit
  65. Integrations: Focusmate
  66. Integrations: freeCodeCamp
  67. Integrations: Garmin
  68. Integrations: GitHub
  69. Integrations: Gmail
  70. Integrations: Habitica
  71. Integrations: IFTTT
  72. Integrations: Jawbone
  73. Integrations: Make (formerly Integromat)
  74. Integrations: Misfit
  75. Integrations: Pocket
  76. Integrations: Project Euler
  77. Integrations: RescueTime
  78. Integrations: Runkeeper
  79. Integrations: Skritter
  80. Integrations: Slack
  81. Integrations: Sleep as Android
  82. Integrations: SMS
  83. Integrations: Strava
  84. Integrations: TaskRatchet
  85. Integrations: The StoryGraph
  86. Integrations: Todoist
  87. Integrations: Toggl
  88. Integrations: Trello
  89. Integrations: Twitter
  90. Integrations: URLminder
  91. Integrations: Withings
  92. Integrations: Zapier
  93. Quitting: How do I quit a goal?
  94. Quitting: What happens to an archived goal?
  95. Quitting: How do I delete a goal?
  96. Quitting: How do I delete my account?
  97. Apps: iOS App
  98. Apps: Android App
  99. Apps: GTBee
  100. Apps: TagTime
  101. Apps: Android Permanotification
  102. Apps: Android App Beta Testing
  103. Apps: iOS App Beta Testing
  104. Philosophy: Can’t you just lie about your data?
  105. Philosophy: What is the akrasia horizon?
  106. Philosophy: Why should I use Beeminder over StickK?
  107. Philosophy: Can I specify a beneficiary for my derailments?
  108. Account Settings: New goal defaults
  109. Account Settings: Account details
  110. Account Settings: Apps & API
  111. Goal Settings: Goal Settings
  112. Goal Settings: Deadline & Reminders
  113. Goal Settings: Privacy
  114. Goal Settings: Data
  115. Goal Settings: Supporters
  116. Goal Settings: Graph Editor
  117. Goal Settings: Reminders
  118. Goal Settings: Post-derail Respite
  119. Goal Settings: Graph Settings

Well, if even experienced users would benefit from this, so me as a newbie, would do too

My goal: learntobeemind – clouedoc – beeminder

I’ll thank you later :grin:

Reading list
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Oh hey! Look at those checkboxes you have there behind that expand-collapse toggle! What a clever idea. I’ve editing my post to make a note about that. Thank you for posting!

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Awesome! I hope other people follow your lead and beecome experts :slightly_smiling_face:

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