Advent 2022: 24. Sundry Divers Miscellanea

This final Advent Calendar post is a collection of interesting or useful bits and pieces, many of them suggested by @dreev. Some of the links here point to old forum threads or blog posts but don’t be hesitant to comment on them if you have questions or want to continue the conversations.

Firstly, if you’ve read more than a few forum or blog posts, or get the daily or weekly beemails, you have probably come across some unfamiliar terms. Here’s some links where you might find explanations for them:

And now some other topics:

And of course there so many other gems in the blog and forum. If you find anything that especially appeals to you, please drop a link to it below, any time from now on - doesn’t have to be soon!


OMG that @philip chap knows a lot, some of which I’d forgotten. Perhaps I need a goal to review stuff that past-me wrote.