Akrasia-proof fine print

I’d like the option to add a time delay to editing the fine print. I am pretty good about following my own rules if I can’t edit them. So, if I have no internet access and record via SMS, things more or less work. But if I do have internet access, I’ll just move the goal post to make it easier and not what I actually want long term. This has happened many times at this point, and I’d say it’s easily the weakest point in my Beeminding.

At least one other person has the same problem, so perhaps it’s common? Either way, I’d really appreciate seeing this change.

(Oh, and I’d like the option to add a time delay because I tend to fiddle with the fine print with new goals until I converge on rules that work for me. Once I’ve converged, edits to the fine print are more likely to be harmful than helpful.)


I’m fine with this if it’s optional, It’s not a feature I need myself but I can appreciate that it might be useful for others.

Having a ‘strict’ mode and a ‘permissive’ mode would be good for a lot of other settings too.

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