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Request: special short term goals with autodata

I found myself this week with the need to spend a bunch of hours on a project by Thursday, after which I’d no longer need to work on that.

It would be nice to be able to set up a unique type of beeminder goal with special akrasia horizon settings that would let you:

  • specify when it was going to end at setup, with anywhere from 1-6
  • would basically not let you delete the goal after, say an hour of goal creation.

I understand that stuff like TaskRachet is meant to fill in the gap here, but what I’m looking for really is the ability to use the ordinary beeminder autodata features


I guess what I’d do in this circumstance is create a goal with a low amount due, like 0.1 a year or something, and then edit the end total and end date via (Or via the graph matrix in settings, since I have Beemium and know exactly what I’m doing.) Since my edits would be making the goal harder, that should work.

I’d weaselproof it if I was worried I’d be likely to just delete it in order to cheat.