Akrasia-proofing for other goal settings

Most of my goals have auto retroratchet, pledge caps, and a couple have no mercy turned on.

When you’re in the red, it’s real easy to to say uncle and turn off the no mercy/and change pledge cap if you know you’ll derail two days in a row, so that you can get rid of some of the sting. I’m glad that I didn’t but would like to reinforce the ability to say “hey I really mean business” with this goal and make the settings that can be changed on the fly to be changed only with the proper Akrasia [horizon].

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Great point! Yes, we’ve been meaning to akrasia-proof more things in goal settings. (Speaking of which, hope you don’t mind if I edit your post slightly to be clear about “akrasia” and “akrasia horizon” and “akrasia-proofing”.)