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pre-derails for red/yellow/blue for premium users?

I had a thought - what if premium users had the ability to check an opt-in setting in goals where you can specify that you are going to be charged every day that you’re in the red or in the yellow or in the blue and not in the green, say 20% of pledge for red, 10% for yellow, 5% for blue.

Let me stress this - opt in, for premium users :slight_smile:

You could be able to avoid edge-skating even if your akrasia would normally not allow you to - because, you know, that’s why we use beeminder, because we’re akratic :stuck_out_tongue:




(I’m not fully serious in replying that way – settings for visual things like this are what that blog post applies least to! It would be a fair ways down the priority list regardless though, I think. Proposing such things here in the forum for discussion though is :100:!)

I think there’s a few different interesting things here.

The idea of charging a fraction of your pledge is interesting, and I love the idea of using a sting to help build buffer on your goals.


Let’s not forget, your anti-settings principle has a big chunk that’s against hypothetical user requests that’s defanged here because it’s being requested by an actual user :slight_smile:

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I would also point out this isn’t a cosmetic difference, it completely changes the dynamics of a goal, just like a different rate or checking the weasel box, and I suspect it would change edge skater revenue significantly - for better or worse, no idea!

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Is this not something that could also partially be addressed by setting the goal/commitment/DERAIL BEHAVIOR/days of mercy to 0?

I don’t think so, unfortunately. This way, you still wouldn’t build buffer. Derailing would just become harsher.