An Easy Way to Track Your Bites

As a follow-up to @shepheb wonderful blog post about counting bites I just wanted to provide people a nifty way to count their bites.

At first I used a bluetooth button that was connected to my Android phone via Tasker but that failed for a few reasons:

  1. Sometimes the button did not register my push
  2. Your phone has to be somewhat near you
  3. I cannot quickly check how many bites I had already taken for the day.

The perfect tool that I found was an abacus bracelet. Typically an abacus bracelet has 2 row, one for counting by one and one for counting by ten.

Here is a video demonstration:

I have used it for a couple of days and it solves all of the issues that I had with using a bluetooth button:

  1. I do not have to worry about button pushes registering since I move the beads
  2. I do not have to have my phone near me
  3. I can glance down at the bracelet and quickly see how many bites I have taken

I personally bought mine from here:
It looks like the owner also has an Etsy shop:


Clever. Makes you wonder if there’s an even easier, reliable counter you can wear on your wrist. This is smart and low tech. The only thing I didn’t like was the “reset” when you overflow the 1’s counter. Seemed like a lot of work to get all the beads back to starting point.

But I guess if you’re messing with beads, you aren’t eating :slight_smile:

After a google search, here’s some more:


I actually bought this counter ring in blue a few years ago, to count pomodoros (I really enjoy tactile things, so just moving the ring forward was a nice reward for completing another pom):

It had a nice clicking counter action, was pretty comfortable, and didn’t show any wear after about a year of daily use. It seems like it would be perfect for your purpose!

(and jhoger, that page of tally counters is glorious!)


Awesome! I’ve had the counter ring on my list for years, but never pulled the trigger.

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Some of these tally counters look amazing. I will certainly be picking one of them up. When it comes to the bracelet it is super easy to reset the beads without looking after 2 days or so of doing it.

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I love the ring idea. I will probably grab one to use for a do-less goal. My favorite thing about these low-tech options is that I can always know my buffer before I hit the do-less ceiling.


Thanks everyone for these ideas! I’m collecting them at