a better way to track eating?

i’ve been trying to track eating 2 meals a day for the last month or so, and i’ve gotten tired of manually logging. i’m a college student on meal plan, so there ARE locations that i don’t typically go to unless i’m eating a meal, but the options for location triggers in IFTTT are much too broad so i accidentally trigger them usually at least once per day (and i’ve weaselproofed myself, so i don’t want to bug support until i’ve really found a better way to do this)
does anyone have better ideas on how to automate this?


Are you tracking a single data point for each meal or are you logging what you ate? Sounds like the first, in which case it’s not that big a hassle.
You can try forming a habit where you don’t start eating unless you enter the data point. It will become automatic after a while. My 1412 days streak on MyFitnessPal says so :slight_smile:

Get a flic button, put the flic button on a keychain with your meal card, and press the button every time your meal card gets swiped.


I’m DIY-ing bluetooth buttons right now, so maybe i’ll use one for that. The only other thing i was thinking was maybe trying to scrape the website where you can check the balance on your campus account so that when i use a meal swipe it’ll send a datapoint to beeminder?


Yeah, good idea! Use a script to retrieve the page every hour, save it, and compare with a previously saved version to see if it changed. You’ll probably have to do some sanity checking because those kind of pages are down or change format half the time.

If you’re into python you could use Beautiful Soup to do the scraping.