Annual leave + travel and break scheduling

Does this
Screenshot from 2024-01-18 10-07-43
schedule for all goals?

Or do I need to schedule a break for all goals individually? :frowning:

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Hi! You need to do each one separately. My workflow is:

  • Enter the default break dates I want in the part you screenshot, so I don’t have to adjust each goal myself
  • Click “Schedule break” for each goal I want to set a break on in the list below
  • Click “Save all breaks” at the bottom

Does that make more sense of things at all? Interesting that you were thinking the “default break dates” fields would just automatically do all of it. :thinking: We’ll have to think about whether we can make that clearer.


I was just hoping I can schedule a travel break (on everything, without having to manually do 20 goals… individually.


Ah, no, it’s the same as before despite the revamp – the default breaks thing just allows you to set the same start/end parameters for all fields, so you can then just click once on each one (rather than having to adjust the breaks for each one separately).

Each one needs to be clicked separately for two reasons: 1) so the whole process doesn’t fail if one of the breaks can’t be scheduled for some reason, and we can easily tell and feed back which that is, and 2) just philosophically, we don’t think it ought to be trivial to just schedule a break on everything at once. The idea is that there is a value to having to consider each goal in turn, which that little bit of friction (hopefully) nudges people toward. It’s easy to think “Okay, I want a break from all my goals while I’m on holiday”, but… do I really want a break from flossing my teeth? Taking my medication? Doing my physio? I need to do those every day, even when I’m on holiday, and I need the nudge from Beeminder even more when I’m out of my routine.

Sometimes that kind of total break on everything is needed due to going off the grid, of course, but that’s comparatively rare these days!