Feature request: Multibreak

Every time I go on holiday I have this problem: I have a whole bunch of goals and I need to take a break individually on all of them (e.g. because I won’t have internet access). Inevitably what happens is that I hate this so much that I put it off and then have to email support to do it for me when I cross under the week threshold (I don’t actually know if support have a less annoying way of doing this than I do or if I’m just passing on the annoyance. If the latter, sorry!)

What I would really like is a global “take a break” option that just takes all my goals and puts them on a break for a period. Even better would be some sort of way to select which goals it applies to, but for my purposes applying to all of them is totally sufficient.


When actually biting the bullet and doing this myself this time, I was also reminded that the interaction between breaks and auto trimming is really annoying and it would be nice to have a first class concept of break :slight_smile:


I strongly support the idea that something should be done about both things @drmaciver mentioned. I also find this time-consuming and annoying to enter breaks for 30+ goals, and it is also a pity I can’t fully appreciate the usefulness of auto-ratchet when some breaks are to happen.


I very much agree. Though for me it would actually be important to be able to select which goals the break is applied to.


Yes! Not least because some things I do want to carry on doing, albeit sometimes at a more relaxed pace.

I think that this post, calling for breaks to be a first class concept, has garnered more ‘likes’, more quickly, than anything else in recent memory.