Anon-o-roast zedmango!

Hey! Inspired by the daily beemail, I wanted to invite all you lovely apians to anonymously roast me - this will be fun! Don’t pull your punches!

Nice! Here’s the daily beemail in question:

daily beemail: collect anonymous feedback #madhackmondays 2/100

Programming note: Thanks to some brainstorming with Clive Freeman, I’m changing “Meliorative Mondays” to “Madhack Mondays”. (Runners-up included “Mooting Mondays”, “Maverick Mondays”, and “Wild-Idea Wednesdays”.)

And here we go (again):

  1. Collect feedback from everybody. Play games with close friends where you have to give each other constructive criticism and ways to improve. Collect anonymous feedback from internet strangers on Admonymous.

Commentary: Sure, I’ll start:

These are from PutANumOnIt’s “100 Ways To Live Better”.