Beeminder wants to steal my money! ;-)

No, seriously. I have this goal (minutes daily spent on work for a journal I do some work for). A few days ago, knowing that I’m going to derail (with $0 on the line, so no worries) I changed the “days of mercy” to 9 (since currently there is nothing they have for me to do anyway). And now, boom! I have an eep day tomorrow.

What could have happened?

Edit: actually, I do have a bit of work for this goal, but this is on the order of 20-40 minutes, so very little…

Ah, thanks so much for the bug report! We’re probably going to be faster at than here, though anything of conceivably general interest is definitely valuable to have here. To make really sure it’s of general interest it would be especially wonderful to get steps to reproduce the bug.

(The more I think about it the more I like that heuristic for whether to post to the forum or email support. If it’s “this seemingly buggy thing just happened” then definitely we want to hear about that, and the best place is If it’s “this seemingly buggy thing consistently happens when you do the following things” then that’s worth having in the forum.)


Just to add onto @dreev’s post, Beeminder-the-dumb-software might want to take your money unfairly, but Beeminder-the-people don’t and whenever something like this happens, we absolutely want you to email us so we can make things right!


I know that, hence the smiley!