API Documentation – Mashape / RapidAPI

hey @dreev I got an easy alibi UVI for you. Mashape became RapidAPI. The Beeminder API documentation still calls it Mashape.

Something something two and a half years ago something something.

On that subject: Never having even heard of Mashape or RapidAPI I wonder what is the appeal of consuming an API through that proxy? And given how outdated the Beeminder API documentation is in general: Is it actually still an option to consume the Beeminder API through it?

Their claim “One SDK. One API key. One dashboard.” doesn’t do it for me. One API key? Meh. One SDK? How about zero SDKs without RapidAPI? One Dashboard? I suppose for monitoring throughput and whatnot? Okay I can see how that would be sort of neat. But not a game changer for me because Grafana <3. And it’s not as if the API that you consume through RapidAPI would be that different from if you skipped the middle man. It’s the same wine just in a new skin.
On the other side they likely depend on the API provider to update their API definition in time which especially since Beeminder got two of those (of which at least one is outdated) doesn’t seem to be worth it to me. From a user’s standpoint. I dunno how nice RapidAPI is for businesses. Maybe you get exposure? Probably not. Given that it’s been over two years that they changed their name and you still call them their old name in the docs I’d wager they are not a terribly important player in the Web dev world :wink: