Apple Watch Steps

I just started using beeminder and am loving it so far. However I seem to be having a bit of an issue now that I have moved away from a FitBit for tracking my steps and activity to an Apple watch. As far as I can tell the only way to get an accurate count of my steps is either through the Apple Health or Activity app. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there is way for me to get access to this data easily for beeminding. Either through an app that is integrated with beeminder directly or even using IFTTT. Does anyone have an suggestions or know when there mind be future integration for Apple watch users?

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The Jawbone UP app can read the step count from the Health app, I’m not sure if there is a way out of it from there on…


A bit of duckduckgo and I found this: sync Apple watch steps to FitBit

Sounds like something that’ll eventually be supported by the FitBit app directly, in the same way that it can use the iPhone’s motion co-processor to count steps. And it goes without saying that I’ve not vetted either the link or the app, but it sounds like it might be the missing piece that you’re looking for right now.


Thanks for both of your replies. phillip, I was essentially thinking about writing something very similar to that Sync Solver this weekend if I couldn’t find anything, since thats really all thats needed right now is a simple extract from health app and load in to either fitbit or beeminder directly. If I do go that route I will just make it open source and put it up here for anyone else to use, but if I get lazy this looks like it will do the trick, thanks!